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Our Instructors
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Alan Lee

Alan Lee is a participant in the 2021 Math Olympiad Program (MOP), the 2020 Bay Area Math Olympiad 1st Place Winner, and president of the Gunn High School math circle. In 2021, he also received a perfect score on the prestigious AMC 10. He also plays the cello and also attends martial arts classes. As the founder of the Math Masters Enrichment program at Fairmeadow Elementary School, he enjoys helping children learn new and interesting concepts not taught usually at the school level. 

Milan Rohatgi

Milan Rohatgi is a 16-year-old sophomore at Gunn High School. As a founder of this program, he is passionate about helping younger students achieve their goals. He is also an avid violinist and has won top prizes at many local and statewide competitions. He also enjoys math and performs highly in classes and competitions at his school. In his free time, he likes to code and play tennis.

Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee is a sophomore at Gunn High school and the current president of Homework Heroes. She has participated in many math competitions such as the AMC and is an avid runner. Besides math, she also enjoys drawing and various forms of art, having won multiple art competitions as well. She is the top runner at Gunn. She enjoys coding in Python during her free time.

Scott Lee

Scott Lee is a sophomore at Gunn High School.

Yunwoo Chang

Yunwoo Chang is a junior at Palo Alto High School. In school, her favorite classes are Computer Science and Math. She has a special interest in teaching other students or helping them with their homework, and has worked with a mentally challenged student on math, biology, and chemistry for about a year. Outside of her academic hobbies, she enjoys doing art, playing piano, and playing badminton with her friends and family.

Benjamin Seo

Benjamin(Ben) Seo is a sophomore at Gunn High School. Ben has played the cello for over 6 years and has taken Taekwondo classes since he was 7 years old. He has participated in both AMC 8 and AMC 10 competitions. Ben volunteered at Boys and Girls Club of America last year and helped 4th and 5th graders with their academics every Tuesday. As a hobby, Ben loves photography and in his free time, plays videogames.

Nico Chou

Nico Chou is a sophomore at Gunn High School. He has been a CIT (counselor in training) at Decathlon Sports Camp and Greenmeadow Swim Team for the past 2 years. He runs cross country and track and field for Gunn as well as swimming for Greenmeadow in the summer. He likes to watch tech videos and play video games in his free time.

Michelle Koo

Michelle Koo is a student at Gunn High School in Palo Alto. She has participated in math competitions such as MathCounts, American Mathematics Competition, and Bay Area Math Olympiad. She also studies computer programming and is in the Silver Division of the USA Computing Olympiad. Apart from academics, Michelle is an avid musician (a violist) and a Taekwondo martial artist.

Aidan Gu

Aidan Gu is a sophomore at Gunn High School. He has experience teaching students core subjects in school and is passionate about helping others learn. Outside of school, he loves to fence, practice the clarinet, and play chess.

Steve Zhang

Steve Zhang is a freshman at Gunn High School. He qualified for the USAJMO and is a 3-time AIME qualifier. He has also participated in the USACO and has plenty of programming experience. Aside from academics, he runs track an field for Gunn and plays the piano.

Steven Lee

Steven Lee is a sophomore at Gunn High School who has qualified for the AIME twice. He has taken the AMC for multiple years, likes to solve math problems, and believes that math is essential for the healthy mind.

Roger Fan

Roger Fan is a freshman at Gunn High School and a 2021 USAJMO qualifier. He mainly enjoys math and computer science, and has participated in various competitions of the aforementioned subjects. Outside of school, Roger likes to play violin and sleep.

Jinwoo Jeong

Jinwoo Jeong is a sophomore at Gunn High School. 

Officers (2023)

President - Lauren Lee

Vice President - Ben Seo

Lead Coordinator - Aidan Gu

Webmaster - Nico Chou

Founders - Alan Lee and Milan Rohatgi

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